Health and Safety Manual

Parkstown’s Health and Safety Policy Manual

Date: 6/10/2020

Any and all CDC, DOH, and other regulatory requirements

superseded this manual.

Mission Statement and Leadership Endorsement:

“Parkstown is committed to providing the best and safest service to our customers and employees by ensuring full compliance with all guidelines and requirements set forth by any relevant regulatory bodies and to go above and beyond in the interest of our customers and employees health and safety.”

The statement above has been written, approved, endorsed, and communicated at all levels of the business. Additionally, Parkstown’s Health and Safety designate will be whomever is the manager on site at any given time. This company representative is given authority to address and implement health and safety occurrences. Additional support is to be provided by the leadership team and all events are to be communicated as soon as it is safe and reasonable to do so.

The Pennsylvania Department of Health Notice shall be signed and posted on the operating premises at all times while the business is in operation and will be kept as an addendum to this manual.

Guest Requirements:

  1. We respectfully ask all our guests to adhere to the following guidelines and any additional requirements presented to the public by regulatory agencies.

  2. Additionally, our staff may make situational requests not explicitly outlined in this policy to ensure the wellbeing of everyone. We thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

  3. If you are sick or have possibly been exposed, we respectfully ask you to please stay home.

  4. If you have to cough or sneeze please do so only into the bend of your arm.

  5. Please wash and/or sanitize your hands.

  6. Parents please restrain children from wandering from the tables and interacting with other guests.

  7. Party sizes are to be limited to no more than 10 guests unless they are from the same household. However seating must remain under 50% occupancy.

  8. Seating and occupants must maintain 6 feet distance from other patrons not in their party.

  9. It is strongly suggested that guests wear face masks whenever possible, especially when leaving the table to go to the restrooms for example.

Dine In Service Guidelines:

  1. Parkstown will adhere to all regulatory body requirements and requests strictly.

  2. Special Attention to Covid-19 guidelines will be made and adopted to all practices.

  3. All employees that are sick or have possibly been exposed to an illness we respectfully ask that they stay home, self isolate and communicate this to management.

  4. All Safe Serve guidelines and training will be followed and available to all employees free of cost.

  5. Hands must be washed before contact with any eating surface, tools, or food and after handling currency.

  6. Hand sanitizer and a hand washing station will be provided in the dining room as well as the kitchen and bathrooms.

  7. Seating and occupants must maintain 6 feet distance from other patrons not in their party.

  8. Building occupancy will be reduced to maintain the six foot distances for guests. This is an estimated occupancy reduction of 50%.

  9. All employees will use gloves and wear face masks at all times.

  10. Menus will be single use and discarded after use.

  11. Condiments typically left on the table will be single use when practical and sanitized before and after each use otherwise.

  12. Only one staff is permitted to service a table to minimize any possible cross contamination.

    1. Employees must wash/sanitize hands or change gloves when switching service to the tables/guests.

  13. All tables, utensils, counters, glasses and bars will be sanitized before each use.

    1. Additionally, high touch areas will be sanitized at least once every 20 minutes.

Employee Health and Safety Guidelines:

  1. If you are sick or may have been exposed please stay home and report to your supervisor.

  2. Treat customers respectfully and with understanding.

  3. Maintain 6 feet separation from other employees and customers as much as able.

  4. If you have to cough or sneeze please do so only into the bend of your arm.

  5. Staff must wear masks at all times and gloves when handling food, utensils or currency.

  6. Hands should be washed or sanitized whenever switching tasks.

  7. Parkstown will provide PPE (personal protection equipment) to employees.

    1. Some items may be limited due to availability.

    2. PPE should be changed or disinfected as instructed.

  8. Check the hand washing areas at least three times a day to ensure adequate supplies.

  9. Parkstown will clean and disinfect surfaces and the general environment on a schedule.

    1. The schedule will be defined by the onsite manager.

  10. Employees will be screened at the start of their shift with the temperature gun and if they have a fever they will be sent home.

    1. See Exposure Containment Plan section.

  11. Silverware is to be rolled to cover the eating surface and employees are to wear gloves when handling and rolling.

  12. Clean all high touch areas every hour at minimum.

Exposure Containment and Mitigation Plan:

  1. When notified of a sick employee or customer the individual should be removed from the premises. Sent home or to seek medical attention.

  2. All areas and equipment the person was in contact with should be cordoned off and sanitized.

    1. The entire establishment should be fully closed and sanitized when able.

  3. All people that had contact with the sick individual should be notified and asked to self isolate for at least one week.

  4. Employees that wish to be relieved of working responsibilities due to the outbreak must provide evidence of exposure, treatment, testing, or the need to care for a family member with the infection.

    1. Evidence can be provided at a later date if needed to ensure isolation and limit exposure.

    2. Please see government guidelines for the CARES act.